VSB14 Chassis Torsion & Beaming

Torsional and beaming stiffness are key indicators of a chassis’ structural integrity and any individually constructed vehicle (ICV) must meet torsion and beaming requirements under VSB14 guidelines. BremarAutomotion can conduct virtual torsion and beaming using FEA modelling based on CAD models of your chassis, giving you detailed understanding of the chassis performance during the design phase and in many cases, eliminating the need to conduct expensive and potentially damaging physical tests on the completed chassis.

We have conducted extensive physical validation and correlation of our FEA modelling against real world torsion and beaming tests, confirming the accuracy of our virtual approach and providing confidence in our results.

Using FEA before the chassis is constructed also allows us to find the optimal balance of weight vs stiffness for the structure to ensure the best vehicle performance possible.

VSB14 chassis torsion