Software Sales & Training

Software Sales & Training

World class software forms the backbone of our business, and our years of experience using these programs put us in the ideal position to sell and support the tools that we use every day.

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Here at Bremar, we’ve been using Altair Hyperworks since our company’s inception and our engineering team have over 20 years combined experience using this world-class software. Have a look through our project portfolio and you’ll see that we’ve got hands on, practical experience in all the major disciplines within the Hyperworks suite, from FEA, MBD and CFD, through to 1D system modelling and optimisation.

Bremar Automotion is proud to be a Channel Partner for Altair HyperWorks in Australia, providing software sales, training and support for the full range of HyperWorks products.

“Altair HyperWorks is the most comprehensive, open architecture CAE simulation platform in the industry, offering the best technologies to design and optimise high performance, weight efficient and innovative products.”

HyperWorks includes best-in-class modelling, linear and nonlinear analyses, structural and system-level optimisation, fluid and multi-body dynamics simulation, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), multiphysics analysis, model-based development and data management solutions.

Simulation and 3D Modelling

Over the last three decades, Altair has pioneered simulation-driven design to generate innovative design solutions for its clients, developing and implementing intelligent simulation technologies that allow users to significantly reduce product weight, saving cost, fuel and C02 emissions. HyperWorks encapsulates these technologies into a single, cohesive product suite that covers all major CAE disciplines and allows users to develop better products in less time.

With well-known customers across most industries imaginable, Altair HyperWorks is globally recognised for providing world-class engineering, simulation and product development tools.

HyperWorks stretches your software dollar through a patented, value-based license management system called HyperWorks Units, which allows metered usage of the entire suite of products. This value-based licensing model has been extended to partners’ products, providing a dynamic and on-demand platform that now also includes cloud-based solutions using third party software.

“One vendor, one licensing system, multiple software solutions.”

When you sign up for HyperWorks, you become eligible to download the entire suite of Altair Partner Alliance solutions. Altair has revolutionised the way you obtain software by eliminating the hurdles that prevent you from getting what you need. So, at virtually no extra cost, your team can access an ever-growing library of solutions that complement Altair’s own technology using a single pool of recyclable units.

CAE Software

We’re proud to offer Hyperworks sales and support in Australia – we know the product inside and out, and how to help you get the most from it. Contact Us now to discuss your CAE software requirements and how you can benefit from incorporating Altair HyperWorks into your business.

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Altair Inspire is used in the early stages of product development to analyse large assemblies and complex parts. You get the benefit of all the same high end HyperWorks solvers in the background, without needing to be a veteran CAE analyst to run the software.

Achieve a faster, optimised and more structurally efficient products with this award-winning software.

Early stages of product development

TrueLoad logo

TrueLoad is a unique software tool that combines FEA results with measured strain data to reverse engineer loads on a part based on real world usage.

A key part of any FEA analysis is accurate loads, and TrueLoad solves this piece of the puzzle by telling you optimal locations for strain gauge placement, and then back calculating your measured strains to give you a loading time history on your part.

This software takes a previously tedious and error prone task, and simplifies it into a straightforward process with increased accuracy and correlation to the real world.

FEA results with measured strain data