Low Volume & ICV ADR / VSB Assessment

Designing, engineering and building a low volume (LV) or individually constructed vehicle (ICV) is a major undertaking requiring a good understanding of the various regulations that need to be complied with, and most importantly, a solid plan. Our team has a wealth of automotive mechanical engineering experience gained from years working with the automotive OEM’s here in Australia, which we regularly apply to our clients’ LV and ICV projects.

We have developed our own internal process to work through in the planning stages of a vehicle build to determine which ADR’s, VSB’s and other regulations the vehicle will need to comply with to give you a realistic overview of the certification work required BEFORE you commit to starting the project.

Assessment / feasibility document

Once this assessment / feasibility is complete, we work closely with you to develop a digital concept of the vehicle and a professional certification plan for discussion with the VASS engineer with the aim of obtaining in principle approval for the vehicle design before build commences. This gives you the confidence that key aspects have been thought through and agreed to from the start, and the project won’t hit major hurdles come inspection time.

Engine simulation

Whilst we work closely with the VASS engineer, we also work independently from them and can liaise and negotiate with them on your behalf where required to ensure clear lines of communication.

Combining this with our CAD & CAE capabilities allows us to conduct much of the structural testing requirements in house under the VASS’s direction to streamline the process for our customers in navigating the vehicle design, testing and certification process.