PBS Truck Assessment

Bremar Automotion is an approved assessor for the Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme for heavy vehicles. The PBS scheme is a nationally agreed process for assessing new and safer heavy vehicles as an alternative to the existing prescriptive system for regulating heavy vehicles, and is intended to encourage innovation in heavy vehicle design and get more freight on the road with less vehicles.

Vehicles that are outside the weight and size limits set out in the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and various other vehicle regulations can undergo assessment through the PBS scheme and be granted approval for access on certain routes depending on its performance.

The PBS scheme consists of 20 standards, which cover various aspects of the vehicle’s performance in areas such as:

– Whether the vehicle will be able to start and maintain speed on an inclined road.
– How well the vehicle tracks in a straight path along an uneven road surface.
– How much the vehicle ‘cuts in’ and ‘swings out’ in a low speed turn.
– Rollover stability.
– How much the rearmost trailer sways compared to the truck in a high-speed, evasive maneuver.

Truck speed on an inclined road
Vehicle tracks in a straight path along an uneven road surface
Truck stability

Truck Rollover stability
Truck rearmost trailer sways on high speed
Simulation tests maneuvers

The assessment of the vehicle design can be carried out using physical tests or using computer simulation, which is where Bremar comes in. We use Altair Motionsolve to create detailed virtual models of the vehicles, which can then be put through the required maneuvers and the performance assessed against the PBS standards. Doing the assessment with computer simulation obviously has significant cost benefits compared to physical testing, not to mention safety aspects, especially for the high-speed test maneuvers.

Another benefit of using computer modelling is that if modifications are required for the vehicle to meet the PBS standards, they can be developed and tested rapidly compared to making the same changes to an actual vehicle.

We are currently working with other assessors and consultants within the heavy vehicle industry to give our PBS clients the best of both worlds, combining our extensive computer simulation experience with heavy vehicle industry knowledge of our PBS partners. Together, we provide an end-to-end solution for PBS applicants, including initial design assessments, full PBS assessments, route applications and liaison with the relevant authorities to ensure the smoothest passage possible through the vehicle assessment process.

For more information, or to discuss your PBS requirements, contact us here.