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At Bremar Automotion, we are passionate, hands on engineers with over 40 years’ combined experience across a range of industries such as automotive, truck & trailer, mining, industrial equipment and motorsport.

Our team has gained their knowledge and experience working at global companies such as GM Holden, Toyota, HSV, Tata Motors and John Deere and our ultimate day is using our knowledge and tools to achieve big savings and great design solutions for our clients. We firmly believe in the benefits Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) can provide and in the importance of making these tools accessible to businesses both big and small.

Using the same high-end software as major automotive and aerospace companies, we have validated our computer modelling with extensive physical testing. We save our clients time and money by shortening their development cycle and reducing reliance on physical testing and prototypes by validating their designs “virtually” on computer using the latest CAE software.

Using these methods early in the design process can dramatically improve your development cycle, product result and consumer experience. We are confident we can use our knowledge and tools to add value to your next project, so contact us now for a one-on-one discussion about your requirements.

• 3D scanning • CAD modelling • Product design & visualisation • Engineering simulation & analysis using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) • Physical prototyping & 3D printing • Automotive chassis and suspension design • FIA motorsport roll cage certification • Performance Based Standards (PBS) Assessments for heavy vehicles • CAE software sales & training


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Let us introduce our team of professionals!

Brett Longhurst - Owner & CAE Go-To Guy:
I'm a passionate, experienced automotive engineer and business owner. I love what I do and I do it well with expert knowledge of high-end CAE methods, whilst also being a practical engineer who enjoys getting his hands dirty. Even if you’ve got no clue about product development or engineering and find it all a bit daunting, talk to me and we’ll figure out together firstly IF our services are going to be of use to you, and if so, HOW we can best put them to work on your project.
Already have CAE capability? Let’s talk about how we can dovetail into your existing analysis workflow to extend your capabilities into more advanced areas of simulation and analysis. We are Australian channel partners for Altair HyperWorks, and provide software, training and solutions using this world-class simulation package. Consider me your go-to guy for anything to do with CAE and if I can't get it done, I'll know someone who can. Today's digital product development tools open up exciting and endless possibilities for design and engineering...I'll help you make the most of them.

Tim Woods - Engineering Manager
I worked at Toyota Australia for 13 years as a test and validation engineer. My passion for building my own cars led me to Bremar where I am now the Engineering Manager, overseeing day to day operational activities in the business.

Suyash Sidhaye - Senior Project Engineer
As a CAE specialist with a masters degree, I have focussed my career on structural analysis and design optimisation tools. After working in my home country of India and also in the USA at companies such as Tata Motors, GE Transportation and John Deere, I moved to Australia looking for a lifestyle and career change, where I started as Senior Project Engineer at Bremar, providing a strong technical foundation for many of our CAE capabilities.

Team of Professionals automotive engineers