ADR29 Side Intrusion

Side intrusion strength of a vehicle’s door is a major safety requirement, particularly for low volume and individually constructed vehicles. We believe that basic hand calcs or linear static FEA just doesn’t cut it and we use our advanced nonlinear FEA analysis to assess side intrusion strength to ADR29 requirements.

The side intrusion performance is not just reliant on the bars inside the door either – the whole system including A & B pillars and floor structure of the chassis can have a major affect on side intrusion performance, so we include as much of the vehicle structure in our models as possible.

ADR29 side intrusion performance

Tuning the side intrusion system to deliver the load resistance, crush levels and energy absorption requirements of ADR29 is a complex exercise, and may require a number of iterations to get right, so we use our experience and first-class FEA tools to achieve the required outcomes without the need for multiple physical tests.