FIA Roll Cage Certification

Any roll cage that does not fully comply with CAMS or FIA requirements must undergo the certification process, including the use of alternative materials such as chromoly.

Bremar Automotion is approved by CAMS and the FIA to certify motorsport roll cages using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), both in Australia and internationally. We are listed on the FIA Technical List No. 35 (list of companies approved by the FIA for the calculation of safety cages) and only companies on this list can conduct FEA on motorsport roll cages for CAMS or FIA approval.

Fully Validated Computer Modelling Methods

We have conducted a range of destructive physical tests on a full size roll cage and various welded joints to validate our computer modelling methods, which has given us a high degree of confidence in our simulations and will help us provide you with a roll cage design that achieves the ultimate balance between safety and performance.

For more information on our physical testing program and FEA correlations, click here.

Fully Validated Computer Modelling Methods Fully Validated Computer
Computer Modelling Methods

Detailed Tube and Joint Simulation

Our FEA models use a 3D shell modelling method, which models the wall of the tube itself rather than the previously accepted 1D centre line modelling methods, to provide much more accurate stresses and deformations at the circumference of the tube, particularly around the welded joints. It also picks up on localised buckling of the tube surface, which can play an important part in overall strength of the roll cage, particularly for thinner wall tubes as shown in the animations below.

Detailed Tube and Joint Simulation

Simplicity for our Customers

Our roll cage data spreadsheet makes it easy for you to provide us with the necessary info about your roll cage dimensions, and then streamlines the computer modelling process to ensure fast turnaround times. We also offer a 3D scanning service where we scan the vehicle interior and design a suitable roll cage directly in CAD, ensuring dimensional accuracy and eliminating trial and error fitments.

Roll cage data spreadsheet

We can also perform physical tests for FIA certification of dismountable joints for bolt in roll cage applications, providing a true “one stop shop” for the design and homologation of motorsport roll cages and accessories.

Whether you’re looking for a roll cage with maximum strength, minimum weight, or an ideal balance between the two, contact us now to discuss your next roll cage design.