ADR62 Drawbar & Towbar

Whether you’re a caravan chassis manufacturer, trailer builder or drawbar manufacturer, our advanced FEA capabilities allow us to conduct virtual testing of drawbars and towbars to ADR62 requirements. Both static and dynamic aspects of the standards can be assessed using linear, nonlinear and fatigue FEA methodology to demonstrate compliance with ADR62 depending on your requirements.

ADR62 certification requirements

We have a range of experience covering detailed FEA analysis using ADR62, AS4968 and other relevant standards to assess drawbars, towbars and kingpins for trailers, caravans, light vehicles and heavy vehicle applications.

ADR62 certification requirements
ADR62 drawbar

Our modelling methods account for contact between components, detailed bolted joint analysis, weld fatigue analysis and more, so contact us now to discuss your ADR62 certification requirements.