3D Subaru Engine & Transmission Scan

For this project, we scanned a Subaru EJ20 engine and 5 speed transmission as an accompaniment to our 2WD conversion kit.

3D Subaru Engine & Transmission Scan

Using the same processes as we use to engineer chassis and roll cage designs, the powertrain was first 3D scanned using Artec scanners. Artec uses structured light scanning technology to take thousands of images and stitch them together into a “point cloud” image of the engine. This usually takes a few hours to get good model resolution.

The raw data points from the scan are then meticulously positioned and any low-quality images filtered. Once the manual work is done, our engineers hand the reins over to the computer. A series of algorithms are used to compare the individual frames to each and every other frame, aligning key features, colours and even surface texture to produce the best results. The scans are then cleaned before final fusion!

Fusion takes the individual data points and “stitches” them together into the watertight surfaces you can see below. Duplicate points are removed; micro-holes and surface imperfections are repaired and the resulting model is an extremely fine “mesh” ready to for use in CAD software.

The end result? Accuracy up to 0.1mm and the peace of mind that your design will fit first time.

3D Subaru Engine
3D Subaru Engine Transmission Scan

These Subaru3D scan files and 2WD conversion kit are available for purchase at our online store.